The Leading Provider Of Unique-To-Brand Regional Audience Segments

More precise. Lower cost. Better results.

Achieve growth in product discovery and sales

New brand regional audience segments feature capabilities not found in traditional 3rd party offerings including product messaging recommendations that give marketers an easier way to more precisely target and nurture audience with the product message that will perform best.

Target regional product demand

The latest in AI technology combines 64K+ USA regions with every product SKU to create and rank tens of thousands regional audience segments by product sales opportunity. These exclusive brand segments help marketers precisely focus spend on the highest untapped regional audience product demand opportunity.

Pinpoint product messaging

Each regional audience segment gives marketers granular level details on why products, categories and regions have untapped profitable demand and how to nurture and grow this demand using either digital or print product messaging tactics.

Better performing marketing campaign plans

Regional audience segments assist marketers with focusing on both audience and opportunity. Campaign planning will go smoother by knowing the products, audience and regions where budget and product message will perform best at nurturing and growing demand the fastest.

Setup is painless

Regional Audience Segments are generated on the fly by collecting real-time customer journey data from ecommerce, mobile and point of sales solutions, a few lines of code is all that is required.

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