We Uncover The Opportunities That Will Grow Your Bottom Line.

Timely marketing opportunity intelligence reports from Heroic.ly reveal where the biggest opportunities are for marketing to drive more sales.

If the bottom line is your top line priority, Heroic.ly is here to help.

We automatically analyze every real-time aspect of your marketing, brand, product and regional customer engagement data to uncover where and what are your most profitable marketing opportunities.

Know which specific products or regions are your biggest growth opportunities

By combining all the unique aspects of every engagement with your brand, Heroic.ly reduces guesswork by giving you the advantage of knowing which products or regions to prioritize and why to dial up marketing spend.

Planning for marketing campaigns gets easier, more efficient and effective

Planning for what and where to market gets easier and results better because you will know the products and creative to emphasize and which regions to prioritize.

Your biggest opportunities are in the data you already have

Heroic.ly analyzes your own data in a new way to find where more sales can be generated by region, product and advertising media type. This intelligence can be sleamlessly plugged into your marketing automation solution to create better targetting segments.

Obtaining exceptional results are as easy as adding a few lines of code

The timely and invaluable intelligence from Heroic.ly is obtained by simply adding a few lines of script to your site, app, or store. Many find it hard to believe powerful intelligence can be uncovered this easily, but it's our goal for you to get exceptional results.

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